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We Replace broken springs

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We fix broken Doors and track

We do replacment doors and panels

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We Fix broken garage door openers

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We sell Midland garage doors
  Midland Garage Doors are made in Fargo North Dakota but they have a warehouse in Chaska MN wherethey have most styles and sizes of doors. If the doors are in stock I can have them in as little as a couple of days and if they need to be special ordered I can have them in about 2 weeks. Midland Garage Doors offer high quality doors in a wide rang of pricing.   We sell and install both Residential and Commercial doors.

We also install doors other brands of doors that you have purchased. Whether from your local lumber yard, big box store or online we can help you install your door.



We Fix Broken Springs
  We have a wide range of spring sizes on hand that we can use to replace your broken spring. There are some sizes that we don't have on hand but we can have them in a day or two. We try toget your springs fixed as soon as possible, we understand that it's a big inconvenience to not be able to get out or in your garage!
Do not try to fix or take off your broken spring there is a tremendous amount of pressure in the spring that isn't broken.
How can you tell if you have a broken spring? If your garage door opener is unable to pull the garage door open, if it canlift the door only a foot or so off the ground you most likely have a broken spring. the next thing you need to do is go in to the garage and look above your garage door from and  you will see a bar and 1 or 2 springs on it if the spring is in 2 pieces it's broke.
The process of changing your spring usually takes about an hour. it helps to have the space in front of the door and on the sides cleared of stuff. 
Why do springs break Springs break after a certain amount of cycles usually about 15,000. Some springs are rated for less cycles. If you think abourt it if you leave once a day and come home for 365 days that's 730 cycles a year!
On a 16 foot door you have 2 springs, when one breaks we suggest that you replace both springs because when one breaks the other one isn't too far behind it. It's also going to cost less in the long run.
Please, let us fix it safely for you!

We Sell and service Linear, Chamberlan, Liftmaster openers brands
   We sell a veriety of different styles of openers. We offer chain drive, belt drive, and jackshaft openers for both Residential and Commercial aplications. We offer services to rebuild your opener with a new gear and sproket kit. This option can save you money if you have a opener that is less than 15 years old and in good working order aside from the gear and sproket going bad .
How can you tell if it is a gear and sprocket problem? If you'r chain is loose like hanging a couple inches off the track and or your opener is making noise like it's workingbut the chain and door willnot move. It's most likely a gear and sprocket problem.
Chamberlan, Liftmaster, and Craftsman are all the same opener.
I've been selling and installing mostly Linear belt drive with a DC motor it's a very quite opener great for homes with living space above the garage! thisis a great opener.


We do service other brands of openers!


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